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Understanding God’s Plan of Salvation

We recognize that certain aspects of salvation may be viewed slightly differently among us. But there are primary points that are important to be agreed upon. These “Articles of Affirmation and Denial” attempt to address these primary points.

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1963 Confession of Faith

The Mennonite Confession of Faith (1963) forms the basis for our statements of belief and practice. We recommend a thorough acquaintance with the principles and standards contained therein.

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The Anabaptist Vision

The spirit and purposes of the sixteenth century Anabaptists were succinctly set forth by Harold S. Bender in this 1944 essay.  He identifies three core concepts and foundational tenets of our faith as Discipleship (The essence of Christianity is to follow Jesus Christ in all aspects of life), Community (The church is a voluntary community that is based on true conversion, commitment to holy living, and separation from the world), and Non-resistant Love (In all human relationships the true Christian refuses force, violence, and harm).

The printed text of “The Anabaptist Vision” may be read here. An oral reading of the essay accompanied by still photos may be listened to here.

Position and Policy Statement

The position and policy statement is intended to be a requirement for BMA pastors and congregations.

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Statement On Eternal Destinies

Adopted in February 2024, this is the official Biblical Mennonite Alliance Statement on the final, eternal destinies of man.

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Statement on Open Theism

Open Theism is a teaching that attempts to redefine the nature of God’s omniscience. The affirmations in this document set forth the biblical, historic, and orthodox view of the relationship between the foreknowledge of God and the free will of man. This is also to be understood as the position of the Biblical Mennonite Alliance.

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Present Day Concerns

As Christian pilgrims in an alien society, we find ourselves under constant pressure to compromise our principles and standards. In order to strengthen and safeguard the beliefs and practices of the Alliance, we urge careful attention to these issues.

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Divorce and Remarriage

An article by Pastor Allen Roth, entitled “Do Divorced and Remarried Persons Need to Separate? Adultery: An Act or a State?”

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Assessment of Unity

The purpose of this form is to measure the level of unity and commitment to the standards of Biblical Mennonite Alliance, and thus prevent drift within the organization. It is also used to identify compatibility of prospective members.

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Danvers Statement

In February 2011, BMA officially adopted the 1987 Danvers Statement prepared by The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood as our official policy on gender issues in the home and church.

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The Constitution of Biblical Mennonite Alliance

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Minister’s Manual

This Minister’s Manual is put forth as a tool in one handy volume of all pertinent information for ministry and BMA relationships. 

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Ministerial Questionnaire

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Curriculum for New Pastors


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Personal Data Report

Overseer, please fill out this form for each ordination/licensure or new contact person.

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Sabbatical Guide

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