Boards & Ministries

The various ministries and institutions of BMA are directed by their respective boards and committees.  Current lists of board members and their contacts can be found in the directory.

The Board of Executors

The Board of Executors serves as the executive arm of the organization. The BMA Moderator leads this board.  Its role is to see that all aspects of the Alliance are functioning properly, to plan the annual Convention held each July in various communities around the US, and to plan the annual Minister’s Enrichment Weekend held each winter, primarily for pastors and wives.  

The Council of Overseers

The Council of Overseers consists of all the regional overseers, one of whom is selected as chairman.  This council has responsibility for policy-making, doctrinal matters, and spiritual care within the Alliance.  

DestiNations International (DNI)

DestiNations International (DNI) is the mission arm of BMA providing leadership for service and church-planting ministries in the states as well as in other countries. The primary focus of DNI is to offer the Gospel of Jesus Christ to unreached people groups.

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Elnora Bible Institute (EBI)

Elnora Bible Institute (EBI), a Ministry of BMA, is a school located in Elnora, IN. EBI offers Junior College-level courses in Bible study and related subjects to single and married people. Various term lengths are available to offer a full or partial year opportunity for students to do systematic Bible study, to develop their faith in the inspiration and authority of God’s Word, and to prepare for service in the church and missions.

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The Ministry Training Center (MTC)

The Ministry Training Center (MTC) located in Queens, NY, serves as a training facility in a multi-ethnic city for persons interested in serving in an unreached people-group. It also offers short-term experiences to youth groups and others in the challenges and opportunities for witnessing in a cross-cultural setting.

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Church Planting Sub-committee

The Church Planting Sub-committee provides leadership, resources, and training for individuals and churches desiring to establish a new congregation.

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Short Term Ministries (STM)

The Short Term Ministries Committee (STM) provides short-term mission experiences to support DNI and other missionaries and their work.

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Publications Board

The Publications Board provides oversight and leadership in the printed materials of BMA, including the “BMA Newsletter,” an informational and teaching bi-monthly periodical, and periodic booklets or materials of practical and doctrinal relevance.

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