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Adminstrative Secretary

John Ivan Byler

674 Mayland Rd
Broadway, VA 22815
(540) 820-4194


J. Mark Horst

209 Luvia Lane
Harrisonville, PA 17228
(223) 205-9461

President of DestiNations International, BMA’s mission agency

Henry Blank

5342 97th Street
Corona, NY 11368                   

(347) 854-9720                                      

Chairman of Council of Overseers

Bob Webb

211 Redbird Lane
Hendersonville,  NC 28791
(828) 329-5015

Principal of Elnora Bible Institute

Crit Lapp

852 South Odon Street
Elnora, IN 47529
(717) 333-0790

Director of the Ministry Training Center

Joel Yoder

9027 52nd Ave. Apt 2
Elmhurst, NY 11373
(347) 870-0945

Chairman of the Short-term Ministries Committee

Marv Troyer

Telephone Network

For News and Announcements to BMA Pastors

To initiate the network please contact:

John Ivan Byler, BMA Administrative Secretary
Cell: 540-820-4194


J. Mark Horst, BMA Moderator
Cell: 717-377-7632

All financial donations for BMA General Fund, for DNI General Fund, for missionary support, for MTC, for EBI, etc. should be sent to:

Biblical Mennonite Alliance

PO Box 218
Elnora, IN 47529