Convention Workshop Introductions

2022 Convention Workshops

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1. Pacifism vs Non-resistance

Dean Taylor

The Bible says, “The LORD is a man of war” (Ex 15: 3). To be a nonresistant Christian and still embrace the Bible, we must embrace the truth that “Yahweh is a warrior (Mal 3:6).” We are still at war; what changed is how we fight. With this mindset, how are Christians to carry out the marching orders for the church without confusing our mission with liberal pacifism or national politics? This talk will endeavor to address this question.

2. Involvement in Politics

Sandy Lyndaker

In this workshop we will be looking at these questions:
➔ “What should the Christian’s view of modern politics be as it relates to the laws of our land, culture, political action, and war?”
➔ “What is the greatest contribution a Christian can make, as it relates to the political arena?”
➔ “What should a Christian focus on moving forward?”

3. Service in Civil Government

Jason Groff

As one called to be “in the world but not of the world,” is there place for me, primarily a citizen of Christ’s Kingdom, to also work or serve as a citizen in the government of this world?

4. Fulfilling our Christian Duty Toward Government

Daryl Petersheim

  • What is a good citizen from the government’s perspective?
  • What is a godly citizen from God’s perspective?
  • As an earthly citizen, how can I best fulfill both?

5. Working with the State Regarding Child Protection

Jay Laughman

We will be addressing some of the following issues:

  • Our responsibilities as churches in dealing with child abuse.
  • Should we work with the state when there is a child abuse case?
  • What are our responsibilities in working with the state and local authorities?
  • How the state of PA works with us through C.C.I. (Conservative Crisis Intervention)
  • What is the church’s jurisdiction and what is the state’s jurisdiction?

6. Church Planting 101: For the Young and Inexperienced (Like Me)

Does church planting look scary to you? Does it seem like the wrong timing, or do you feel unqualified? Then this workshop is for you.

We will be exploring lessons God has taught us in our church planting journey and discussing steps you can take right now, whether you’re considering a church plant in the nearby town or halfway around the world.

7. Field Report: What God is Doing Among Turkish People

Brent Stoltzfus

Brent will be sharing what God is doing in NYC among the Turkish people. He will also share about the ways God is using Shepherd’s Cup to open up doors.

8. Field Report: God at Work in Queens

Jesse & Margaret Slabaugh

Living among the nations of the world, training Anabaptists, and living ordinary days,

  • How do we see God working in the lives of people around us who come from all over the world?
  • What does it look like to invest in Anabaptist people who come to the MTC for training in Cross-Cultural ministry?
  • What do ordinary days look like and how is God using them for His purposes?

9. Field Report: What God is Doing in Cambodia

Elvin & Ruth Martin

Elvin & Ruth live in Phnom Penh where they live with an open door. They host church services which continue to grow. God has been doing a special work over the past year and they will be sharing how they have seen God drawing the lost to Himself.

10. [Women] Chosen by God, Holy, Dearly Loved, and Single

Bethanie Burkholder

It is easy for some of us as single women to feel guilty or lacking in some way because we are single.

➢ Is it because we are not attractive enough?
➢ Are we too quiet or too opinionated?
➢ Are we being too picky?
➢ Or is it perhaps that God has a special purpose for us in singleness?
➢ How can we live holy lives in singleness?
➢ What about desire?
➢ How can we have good, healthy relationships with men as single women?

This workshop aims to discuss these topics and to encourage single women to live their lives with excitement, joy, and purpose knowing they are chosen by God, holy, and dearly loved.

11. Ready To Give An Answer: Basic Apologetics

Tom Gearin

This workshop will provide tips, ideas, and tools for sharing the Gospel with others. We will help answer common questions encountered during personal and corporate evangelism such as these:

  • “Does God exist?”
  • “Why does God allow Evil?”
  • “How can we trust the Bible?”
  • “What is truth?”

Join us to better equip yourself for sharing the Good News with others!

12. EBI Choir Rehearsal

Daniel Miller