Convention Workshop Introductions

2023 Convention Workshops

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1. Leadership Power: Use versus Abuse

Jeremy Sensenig

We will attempt to skim the surface on the dynamics of healthy and unhealthy use of power and the essential role it plays it preventing abuse. The old saying that “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” is absolutely untrue. As leaders, the power vested in us has different forms (Coercion, Silence, Influence, Service, etc) and the way in which we use the power entrusted to us will either give life or destroy it. It’s imperative that we model our use of power after our master teacher, Christ Jesus.

2. Walking with the Grieving

Leon Martin

Grief situations often come at times when we are unprepared. This workshop will give us tools to know how to respond in a meaningful way. Topics will include what to say and what to do.

3. Cultivating a Consistent Devotional Life

Lee Mummau

What is the Devotional Life? Is it a certain time of day you spend with the Lord or does it have something to do with life itself? Join us and get convinced and excited about both.

4. Church Planting: A Congregation Finds a Way Forward

Michael Webb

Lamb of God is currently in the process of planting a church. Come hear about our journey on getting started, and the process of deciding things like who should go, where we should go, and how the home congregation and church plant will work together.

5. What God is Doing and How You Might be a Part (DNI)

Micah Krabill & Mike Allgyer

If you would like to explore creative ways of getting involved with DNI consider joining us for a time of hearing what God is doing around the world and how you can be part of that. Maybe you feel called to intercede for workers, or to support workers on the field, or to go someday. Join Micah Krabill and Mike Allgyer for a time of stories and Q&A. Oh, and there will be ethnic pastries and coffee too!

6. Taking the Gospel to the Jews

Brent R.

We will have a brief overview of Anti-Semitism (Jew hate) in the past and how it affects the present. We will try to understand what our obligation is to the Jews. Is there an obligation? How does God feel about it? How shall we respond?

7. Working with North African Immigrants in Southern Spain

Emily McConkey

  • Understanding Jesus’ ministry and lifestyle after years working in this context.
  • Focus on children and youth–hope for the 2nd generation immigrants.
  • Hard soil in a dry land.
  • The unique opportunity as a Mennonite to share the Gospel that transforms from the inside out.

8. Field Report: Cambodia

Dewey & Stacey Yoder

Curious to hear what God is doing in Cambodia? Join our workshop to hear stories, see pictures and better understand what our team is involved in. There will also be a time for Q & A. Looking forward to seeing you there!

9. Community Outreach

Charles Kline & Dave Glick

This workshop will endeavor to build trust and confidence in sharing the gospel. We purpose to give you tools, collaborate on ideas/methods, and spend time practicing in downtown Lancaster what we learn. May God be glorified as we learn to share and practice sharing His Good News.

10. Hispanic Ministries

Bob Miller

This workshop will inform participants of the need and the opportunities for reaching Hispanics in North America.

11. [Women] “Finding Purpose in the Empty Nest Stage

Margaret Troyer

As we age, we want to live intentionally. The Bible gives us an excellent example of an older woman who chose to live with purpose. Aging is a gift; let’s not squander it!

12. [Women] “Loving My Neighbor: Learning to Relate Cross-Culturally

Annlyn Kulp

This workshop will explore how to think and relate from a biblical perspective as we encounter and interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

12. EBI Choir Rehearsal

Daniel Miller

All 2022-2023 EBI choir members present at Convention are welcomed to rehearse several numbers to be shared in the Saturday evening program.