MEW Workshop Introductions

2022 MEW Workshops

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1. Ladies: "Women and Leadership"

Renita Petersheim (PA)

“How can I be a leader as a woman? How do I operate under leadership as a woman? And ultimately, are these two questions in direct opposition? We will discuss living a divinely, radically moderate life as a woman leader under God and other authority.”

2. Ladies: "Lessons from Women of Faith"

Carolyn Roth (NYC)

We will look at stories from our rich heritage of Anabaptist heroines of faith, as well as a few examples of women from Scripture. Ordinary women whose faith in an Extraordinary God give us confidence for living today. Will we learn from them?

3. "Tick, Tick, Tick...Time Never Stops"

Nelson Gehman (PA)

We will explore ways to manage workload, avoid stress, and create margin. Time is opportunity, but balance is the important ingredient for satisfactory results in life.

4. "There is no "I" in Team"

Loren Yoder (PA)

We will be looking at the two sides of this statement. One side is to discuss how leaders can lead in a way as to bring everyone together and pull in the same direction. The other side is what do we do if our church has a hard time coming on board or our family feels trapped in a ministry they didn’t sign up for.

5. "Maintaining Boundaries in Ministry"

Trulan Martin (PA)

Proper boundaries are an essential part of any healthy relationship, and they are vital in the minister’s relationship with the congregation. How can we burn brightly for Christ without burning out? Is it possible to instill in our children the joy of serving the body of Christ – rather than leaving them cynical and embittered? What about loving our wives?

This workshop will explore ways to protect ourselves and our families from burnout, the importance of privacy and confidentiality, and practical ways to invest in our families.

6. "What Goes IN Will Come OUT"

Marvin Bender (IA)

Individuals in our homes and churches hear the same teaching and yet come out at very different personal beliefs and applications. Why is that? We’ll look at the responses of why some have left our conservative churches and why others have stayed.

7. "Time is of the Essence"

Allen Roth (NYC)

This workshop is designed to assist participants in making the most of the treasure of time God gives us. We will review insights from a Bible passage on “redeeming the time”, share a few practical lessons gleaned from life and ministry, as well as give time for Q & A with input from the group.

8. "Gospel-Centered Diversity - A Vision for Reflecting Revelation 7 in our Churches"

Rich Schwartz (NYC)

Revelation 7 tells us that heaven will have “all nations, tribes, peoples, and tongues.” In heaven, we will join together in racial, ethnic and cultural diversity as we gather together to worship the Lamb. Here in America, Conservative Anabaptists have tended to perpetuate our European-American traditions and demographics, with little inclusion of people from other backgrounds. What steps should we consider as we look at this tendency, understand the challenges, and chart a more God-honoring way?

In this workshop, we will discuss some of the history that has gotten us to where we are today, and consider steps to take that would invite and include all nations, tribes, people, and tongues in our churches.

9. "A Vision for Reaching Hispanics in North America"

Bob Miller (FL)

Reaching Hispanics/Alcanzando a los Hispanos – Por que de tal manera amó Dios al mundo… Did you understand that? It’s the best news that ever was! The Hispanics make up the second largest ethnic group in the US. How can we reach them with the Gospel?

10. "How Does a Pastor Talk to His Family About Sexuality?"

Bob Webb (NC)

We will discuss the gender identity crisis and homosexual tendencies in some people. When and what to say to our children when they ask questions about sex.