DestiNations International

DestiNations International (DNI) is the mission agency of BMA. It exists to make “Christ’s last command our first priority–church planting among unreached people groups.”

DNI’s vision is to make Christ known, His name worshipped, and His Word obeyed among every nation, people, and tongue.

DNI’s mission is proclaiming the Gospel and planting reproducing, mission-minded Anabaptist churches among unreached peoples.

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Church Planting

Church Planting sub-committee of DNI is intended to help you start on the journey of planting a church.

BMA hosts an annual event called Church Planter’s Institute that provides ongoing training for anyone interested in church planing. Glean insights from experienced church planters and leaders, ask questions in a safe environment and join together with other visionaries in prayer.

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Voluntary Ministry Committee

Voluntary Ministry Committee (VMC) is committed to providing opportunities for worldwide short term missions experiences, and compassion ministries.

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