BMA Publications

The Biblical Mennonite Alliance offers several publications for our congregations, which may be available for subscription, download, or purchase.

Newsletters/Prayer Guides

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The Alliance Newsletter

The Alliance Newsletter is a quarterly periodical including congregational and alliance news, elucidation of alliance positions on contemporary issues, and discussion of other topics. 


BMA Prayer Guide

The BMA Prayer Guide is a quarterly publication listing praise and prayer items from each BMA congregation, board, and ministry.


DNI Intercessor's Bulletin

The DNI Intercessor’s Bulletin is a monthly publication of DNI featuring the monthly prayer updates of the DNI workers.


DestiNations Near & Far

DestiNATIONS Near and Far is a quarterly publication of DNI featuring articles of mission interest.


DestiNations Informer

The Destinations Informer is a monthly publication of DNI, featuring the workers and places of interest related to DNI.



Feminine Beauty

How can a Christian woman display modesty in an attractive and feminine way? What principles can protect her from giving in to the pressure of culture? Evelyn Miller explores these questions and more in “Feminine Beauty as Displayed by Daughters of the King”.

“…God desires to call out a faithful remnant of believers at this time who will embrace the biblical standard [of Modesty]. We as an Alliance are blessed to be able to endorse this message…” ~ Todd Neuschwander


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Mentoring Guide for Ministry Wives

Anabaptism: Past, Present, Future

Walter Beachy, Allen Roth, and Daniel Yoder

God's Plan for Gender Roles in the Church

Edward N. Meyers

The Case for Biblical Inerrancy

Ed Meyers

Video and the Christian Mind

Henry Blank

Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage: A Biblical Perspective

Clair Martin

Scriptural Guidance on End of Life Issues

Wayne E. Yutzy

Should Christians Wear the Wedding Band?

Temporarily Unavailable

BMA: The First Ten Years

Paul M. Emerson



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Baptism and Church Membership

Clyde Byler